Top 5 Wednesday: Series That Got Better

July 26th: Series That Got Better -- We've talked about series that went downhill with each book, but talk about series that are worth pushing through the first (or first few...) books to get to the good stuff! Hi Ya'll! So I'm really new to the blogging community (if you don't count GoodReads) and this... Continue Reading →

Shadow and Bone

First off, RANT: Why did they trick me like this? For those of you reading on a Kindle, be aware THE BOOK ENDS AT 58% THE REST IS PREVIEWS FOR OTHER BOOKS. I found myself thinking the story would last a while longer and while it did have a complete ending that made sense the... Continue Reading →

The Kiss of Deception

The book is about a princess named Lia, who in the beginning of the book is about to be put into an arranged marriage with someone she's never met. She decides last minute she's not going to do it and she runs off with her best friend to a small village to live out the... Continue Reading →

A Court of Thorns and Roses

  I'll first start out with a brief description of the world this series takes place in. The first thing is that the world itself is hugely different from our own. The continent is separated by a wall; this wall was put up after a human-fae war as a last resort to separate the races... Continue Reading →

Note Inspiration

I did not do any of these notes but I thought they were gorgeous, and for those like me that don't have a Tumblr I thought they'd be interesting.

All About Series Bibles

Hi Ya'll! So I recently posted pictures on Goodreads of a little project of mine that I like to call my Series Bible, and got a lot of interest on it. My reasons for creating this was that it was an easy way to not only stay involved in a series that I read without... Continue Reading →

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