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All About Series Bibles

Hi Ya’ll!

So I recently posted pictures on Goodreads of a little project of mine that I like to call my Series Bible, and got a lot of interest on it. My reasons for creating this was that it was an easy way to not only stay involved in a series that I read without having to re-read it, but also to keep track of all the characters, places, species, etc. in between one book and the next. So I thought I could share my sort of “how-to” guide on creating one.


  1. You’ll need a notebook. Any kind of notebook, but if this is something you plan on keeping I would say something hardcover with decent paper.
  2. Pens/Pencils or any kind of art materials you can think of. I use Papermate Inkjoy Gel pens in medium point and Zebra Mildliners. Other things I use are double sided tape, white out, sticky notes, and sometimes washi tape. My goal is to get a printer so I can start putting more fan-art in mine.
  3. Something on which to do research; I use my laptop.

Tips and Tricks:

  • I like to use Wikipedia pages, because they usually have databases already made up for stuff like this and they’re usually accurate.
  • Goodreads is a great source when you’re trying to remember a certain thing and which book it was in, or just as a resource in general.
  • I read on a Kindle, so it’s helpful for me to go back and look at any quotes I highlighted or notes I’ve made.
  • If there’s a specific quote or part of the story you want to remember, write it down! You’ll notice in this picture there’s a little post-it with the page number from something I wanted to remember (The part of ACOMAF where Feyre makes Rhys dinner)



  1. First you’ll need to decide what series you want to do. For me it’s usually a series that has a new book coming out soon.
  2. Research, research, research. Things I usually write down in mine are:
    1. Characters. Everything about them. Their names, family, history, general personality, their appearance, any past or current love interests, and friends. Sometimes I’ll even put little things like favorite color and their hobbies, if I know these things.
    2. Places. For A Court of Thorns and Roses, I put down Feyre’s Cabin, The Prison, Velaris, etc. Then you put down the significance of the place. Any history that’s relevant, any big events that happened at that place in the series, the layout/look of the place, if it’s described.
    3. Creatures. Using the same series as an example, I looked up the Bogge, The Suriel, and the Nagas, to name a few. You basically want to do the same thing as the “places” category. In what ways are they different from normal humans? What do they prey on? What do they look like? What is their significance in the story? When do they appear?
    4. The Magic System. This one is complicated and sometimes I forgo it completely if there’s a lot to write. Basically with this one you want to write down if there is any magic at all, any magically relevant rules, who knows about the magic and who wields it. What kind of magic is it? What kind of powers can people have and where did the magic originate from?
    5. The “World”. This is kind of redundant because it’s basically the “places” and “Magic system” categories but this is a little more general. How do all the places connect? Are the places on different planets, like in Red Rising? What are the planets? Describe the society. Describe the ruling parties. Describe the caste system, if any. This also encompasses the time period the story takes place in. Is it more like a current time? Or is it more historical fiction? Maybe it’s futuristic.
  3. Make it look pretty! You can probably tell looking at some of the pictures I have on here that some look better than others. I started this out just writing however I wanted but as I went I realized I wanted it to look good, and even be readable (*GASP!*). I like to add in fanart where possible, and some pops of color.


If you guys have any questions feel free to comment or friend me on Goodreads and message me about it. This is probably not a complete post on the subject, but as of right now it’s everything I could think of.



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