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Author Facts, Part Five

Victoria Schwab, Author of Vicious, The Monsters of Verity Duology, and The Shades of Magic Trilogy


Did you know?

Victoria isn’t done with the Shades of Magic trilogy. No, sir. She is now writing a new trilogy in the same world, called the Threads of Power. Believe it.

CONJURING was the book where I was supposed to tie off all the threads. Closed the doors. Write the end.
And I did.
But I also took a chance.
As I wrote, I starting weaving in a few new threads. Not many. Just enough to catch the lock, keep the door from closing all the way.
By the time I finished Shades of Magic, I’d started Threads of Power.
I knew I wanted to tell a new story, one that included the cast of Shades of Magic without focusing exclusively on them. I envisioned a set of three interconnecting books, each with its own protagonist—a tinkerer who can pull the threads of magic, a noble who has her birthright stolen, a con artist born with a lucky streak but no power—their lives intertwining against a backdrop where a prince has become king, a thief has become a pirate, and new dangers are beginning to threaten the three Londons.
And here we are.
I couldn’t be happier to announce that the story that began with a peculiar coat and a picked pocket will officially continue. Not because I dreamed it, but because readers have loved Shades of Magic enough to force it on their friends, neighbors, colleagues, because my agent believed and my editor believed and my publisher believed and you believed it was possible.

Thank you for reading guys, I hope you’re excited about the news if you hadn’t already heard about it.

See you tomorrow for part six.

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