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7 More Things You Might Not Know About Your Kindle | Part 2

Hey Ya’ll!

Back in November I did my first kindle-related post titled “7 Things You Might Not Know About Your Kindle“, and it was a huge hit so I thought I’d share a couple more things related to kindles that you might not know. 

As I said before, I am a huge fan of kindles. There’s nothing I love more than being able to read at night without having to navigate a book light. I also really love to read lying on my side, and being able to take my books anywhere, and physical books (for me) are just too bulky and awkward to do either of those. 

Just a note that some things may be repeated as my experience using a Kindle and Kindle related products has grown over the years. Let’s get started. 

1) Amazon First Reads

Amazon First Reads

One really great thing I’ve discovered in relation to Kindles since my last post is Amazon First Reads. Basically, some of the new releases that come out next month (usually the ones that are already on the cheaper and not-well-known side, keep in mind) Amazon makes available for a month early if you’re part of the program. If you have Amazon Prime, the title is free, if not, you get a small discount and get to read it early. The program itself is FREE.

2) Kindle Unlimited Is Actually Worth It (IMO)

Kindle Unlimited

As mentioned in my previous post, Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription on Amazon that for $9.99, you can read as many books as they have listed as you want. Another thing to mention is that most of these titles aren’t going to be ones you see everyone hyping. These are most often titles published through Amazon and are not very well-known. 

I personally don’t mind if the titles aren’t hyped, and there’s nothing better than finding a hidden gem that no one knows about. I actually made really great friends reading a Kindle Unlimited Title, The Darkest Drae, who are a fellow book bloggers (You can find them here! 😀). The best part is, if you can manage to read roughly three KU titles (the average price for a title on KU is around $3.99, from what I’ve seen) you’ve already broken even on KU. Because I do read a lot, this is super worth it for me, especially since it gives me a chance to help support self-published authors. 

3) You can now buy a Kindle with a payment plan through Amazon

Payment Plan Info

The photo above isn’t quite accurate because I couldn’t find a better picture, but you can get the full information on the program through the link. Depending on Amazon’s conditions, including the age of your Amazon account, you may be eligible to pay for your kindle over a 5 month period. When I upgraded from the Paperwhite to the Voyage, this was what I did (because it was $250!) and it was super helpful. 

4) You can get a case with a kickstand 

Here’s this case on Amazon

I’m one of those guilty readers that loves to read while they eat. This origami kickstand, while not my favorite thing in the world, does the job – making reading while eating almost completely hands free. When I want to turn the page I just tap the screen hard with my knuckle and it’s as easy as that 🙂

5) You can get your Kindle with it’s own 3G Internet

Ignore the collection name – I also put books here if I don’t own the sequels 🙂

I don’t know about ya’ll, but for me I loved the option to get 3G. No internet? Power’s out? At the beach? Who cares, you’ve got free 3G. 

Now “free” isn’t really true, because you do pay quite a bit extra for the 3G initially, but the internet comes with the cost of the kindle. I like having the 3G because I can download books and share quotes and highlights no matter where I am. Gotta keep the peeps updated on my reading progress 😉

6) Yes, you can preorder the digital edition

3 of my recent preorders (Black Crown, ACOFAS, The Smoke Thieves) on Kindle. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for shipping 😀 On release day, you usually receive your titles between midnight and 5 AM (no promises), based on the publisher’s preference. A lot of the time I get mine around midnight. You get to crack open a nice new release while everyone else is impatiently waiting for theirs to appear in their mailbox. 

7) Those books you love? They cost less money

You’ll find that you will be spending SO MUCH less money on books, and you can take every single one of them with you wherever you go. This might seem like an obvious, but most people don’t realize just how much cheaper you can get it – especially when they go on sale. 

Honorable Mention

You can check out books from the library on your kindle

You have to actually go and check out the title either though your computer or the app, but you can check out books from your library’s e-book collection and have them sent through your kindle. They have the same 2 week limit and then they automatically return.

And that’s it for this post 🙂 I hope you enjoyed part two to this little series I’ve started, and I hope you’ve learned something useful. I’ll see you all on my next post.



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